A tremendously huge part of our organization is over the phone. We spend a great deal of time assisting many, many people with wildlife concerns. We receive over 10,000 calls a year!!! Usually, when people call us we are extremely busy doing some other type of work for the animals. As we find time amongst all of our work, we sit down and return call after call to individuals in need of our service.

A majority of our calls are Humane Eviction oriented. They range from simple answers to complex situations that require action beyond the telephone. However, we have excellent success at humanely evicting animals over the phone. Many of the people who call us are amazed at how well our techniques work.

Usually, Jack or Penny Murphy, would be the person you speak to from our organization in an event you called for assistance. They have been answering questions for many, many years and providing whimsical antecdotes along the way, from their experiences of the critters they have rescued.

If you need to give us a call, we can be reached at (303) 340-4911. We will return your phone call as fast as possible!