We need animal lovers! We are continually outgrowing our man power and looking for assistance in many forms. We receive over 5,000 calls a year for Humane Solutions and we humanely evict nuisance or otherwise unwanted wildlife from homes and businesses on a daily basis. With over 300 animals a year in need of some sort of medical assistance and a great deal of tender, loving care, we have little time to breathe. Numerous corporations around the Denver area donate food, medical supplies, cages, etc. There are also many other Rehabilitators across the state of Colorado that pick up goods for wildlife they assist from Urban Wildlife Rescue. We also do a great deal of educating via seminars, lectures, and conferences to wildlife agencies and animal control agencies in the Denver metro area. And in the middle of all of this, we conduct two bingo sessions a week to provide monetary assistance for wild creatures.

We need your time and the animals need your compassion!

For Those Living In the Denver Metro Area:

Alright Denverites and local friends, we need volunteers. Whether you have a lot of free time or just a little, the animals always appreciate your help and hard work. And the rewards are limitless.

One of our most important and always enjoyable opportunities is BINGO! No, we won't make you sit in front of a room full of people and monotonously call out numbers. Unless of course, that's what you like to do. We need fun, friendly volunteers to help us sell pull tabs at the pickle bar, raffle tickets on the floor, and of course, bingo cards to the hundreds of people that enjoy our games twice a week. We are very popular at our current hall because we are upbeat and have a lot of fun. We don't just sit around counting money and eating pickles (although we do some of that too), but we chit chat, eat snacks and have a great time making money for the wildlife.

In addition to Bingo, we have many never-ending tasks to conquer at our facility. In the springtime, one of the most constant and fulfilling tasks is feeding babies!

Raccoon      Coyote      Fox

We often need help keeping baby raccoons, foxes and squirrels fed around the clock. But with this exciting task, also comes the task of cleaning up the product of these feedings. We must clean and change the blankets within their cages and also help to clean the animals themselves. Remember, we have to play Mom and Dad. It's a chance to really acknowledge your gentle, nurturing side and learn how to harden that squeamish stomach. However, the true reward comes with the end result, the eventual release.  

Hard work has its Rewards!!!

We also have a plethora of cages and humane traps, used for various animals that have come into our facility, that need cleaning. The cleaning and maintenance of our facility is an enormous and continual process. Only by the help of generous people are we able to keep up with all the work that needs to be done.

However, if cleaning and feeding isn't your thing and you still want to volunteer we can always use people willing to drive. We receive many donations from various locations throughout the Denver metro area and could use help transporting them. We can also use your transporting capabilities with the animals. We often get calls regarding animals needing our care, but we have no way to get them to our facility. By simply driving your car, you can help save numerous lives.

Any of these various duties and many more are all available and greatly appreciated. Come join the animals and Urban Wildlife Rescue for a chance to do some wonderful hands-on work with your fellow creatures.

NOTE:   Our current volunteer base has voted that everyone who volunteers with our organization must volunteer for at least 2 bingo sessions a month. This policy was implemented so that we can ensure enough funds are allocated to all of the wildlife that ventures through our doors.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer. All of the volunteers who commit on a regular basis will receive a free membership to Urban Wildlife Rescue.

Feeding    Charming    Freedom
We have some characters come into our facility.

If you would like to become a member, but not volunteer, then please click here and download our Membership form. The form is a Zipped file. You will need a zip program, like WinZip to download this form.

You can add your answers to it and then print the form out and mail it to us. You will receive all of the benefits listed above. The cost is $30 annually, however you can donate as much as you like. Anything you donate to Urban Wildlife Rescue is 100% tax deductible as we are a Colorado-based non-profit organization with a 501 (c) (3) classification.

For those who would like to contribute from afar:

If you're outside the Denver area and unable to come to our facility, you may still help! We greatly appreciate your donations, of any value, whether monetary or material goods. Also, if you have knowledge of any techniques for humanely assisting wildlife in any way, we would love to hear your input.

Or, you can become a member of Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc. for $30 a year. If you have any questions please click here for options on how to contact Urban Wildlife Rescue.

Pretty Fox Baby Chipmunks A Rehabbing Bat